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What We Offer

Our Group Piano classes offer a way for students and families to learn piano in a fun and affective way.

With a class size of 5, students get all the attention they need to develop their skill and independence on the piano. 

We utilize our group setting to not only teach independence and personal learning, but also how to play duets and group pieces. Students will also learn the skill necessary to perform in front of others comfortably.

Classes run all year round and can be joined at any time. 

Why take Piano?

Piano is one of the best instruments to start your musical journey on. 

The piano has the ability to play both melodically and harmonically. Meaning it can stand alone where other instruments need a band or accompaniment to sound complete. 

Piano is incredibly versatile being able to fit in any genre or style of music. It fits in most bands as well as a great solo instrument.

Students who love to sing will be able to accompany themselves as well as others to be able to share both their talent for singing and piano. 

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What to expect

Beginner to Advanced

Our Program is designed to accommodate students at any level. 

The Multi-level classes we offer work great for students who are independent readers, generally ages 6 and up, to students who are older or more advanced. 


Monthly Pricing

Classes offered on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 

  • Multi-level group $80/month.
  • Piano Express $95/month (Coming Soon)
  • *All students taking classes at WSMA must pay Yearly Studio Registration.
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