Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

For all of our classes our goal is for students to have fun learning a new skill or honing a skill they have been working on. To do this requires all students, group or otherwise, to attend class and practice regularly at home. Learning music is a team effort between teachers, parents, and students. Parental involvement is strongly encouraged as we see the most growth in our students when parents are dedicated to helping students at home. Parents are always welcome in class, to ask questions, and give feedback.

Ages listed in class descriptions are recommendations. We try to make sure every students is placed in the class that best suits their need and ability’s. If you have questions about a specific student please contact the teacher of that particular class.

Not all classes are offered every year due to teacher and location availability. Please check the current calendar to see what we are offering


Pre-School Music

Preschool music is a class where students develop a love of music through singing and playing games.

  • Ages 2-5

Intro to Music

This class introduces young students to music theory in the fall. Where they will learn the basics of reading and recognizing musical symbols. In the Spring the will focus on playing rhythms and following tempo while creating music as a group with cups, boom whackers, and body percussion. 

  • Ages 6-8
  • No experience necessary

Flutophone 1

Students will learn the basics of posture, tone production, and note reading on flutophone. This class is for young beginners as a way of start them early for other music classes.

  • No experience necessary.
  • Instrument required.
  • Ages 5-7.

Fltuophone 2

Flutophone 2 builds on what we learned in flutophone 1. 

  • 1 year experience required.
  • Instrument required
  • ages 6-8.


Music 101

Music 101 is designed to introduce and help students master music theory and reading rhythms. In the Fall students will focus on reading and recognizing musical symbols as well as learning how music works. In the Spring students focus on playing rhythms and perform in the spring concert. 

  • Ages 8+
  • Class recommended for all first year students. 


Stomp if an advanced class for students to use their knowledge of rhythms and music. They will play music on trash cans, buckets, and other percussive instruments or items. 

  • Admittance to this class is by audition only. 
  • ages 12+


Beginning Band

Students in Beginning Band will have the option of learning Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet, Trombone, Alto Sax, or Percussion. Students will learn the basics of good posture, tone production, and note reading. Beginning bands usually perform 1 to 2 pieces in both the Winter and Spring Concerts.

  • No previous experience necessary.
  • Instrument required.
  • Other instruments by request.
  • Ages 9+

Intermediate Band

Students will build on the knowledge that they learned in beginning band. Learning intermediate level music with new rhythms and notes. Students have the option of moving to relative instruments in this class such as Baritone, Tenor, Bari Sax, etc (must be discussed with the band director). Students will perform 1 piece with the concert band in both the Winter and Spring Concerts.

  • 1 year of playing experience necessary.
  • Instruments required.
  • Ages 9+.

Concert Band

Concert band is our advanced band. Students will continue to learn advanced rhythms and note reading as well as working together to produce the best sound quality as a band and an individual.

  • Admittance in this class is determined by the teacher.
  • Instrument required.
  • Ages 9+.

Jazz Band

Jazz band is an advanced class where students learn to play concert and combo jazz pieces. Instruments included in jazz are trumpet, trombone, saxophone, drum set, piano, bass, guitar, other instruments added based on performance pieces.

  • Admittance in this class is determined by the teacher.
  • Instrument required.
  • Ages 12+.


Elementary Choir

Is made for students under the age of 12. This class is fun packed! We will sing a song in unison and branch into harmonization and singing in two-parts. This class will stretch the students musical ear while singing fun songs. 

  • Ages 5-12 (If you are 12 you have the option to be in Elementary or Secondary Choir based on your musical abilities and if your voice has changed.)

Secondary Choir

Secondary choir is designed for students 12 and older. We will train the students in solfege and ear training as well as singing songs in two-, three-, or four-parts. Musical selections will branch out into classical, jazz, and film arrangements. *Some semesters may be broken into men’s and women’s ensembles.

  • Ages 12+


In Homeschool Worship Class we will be learning about the different components of worship, forms of worship outside of music, the difference between praise and worship, and how to use our musical giftings to worship God. This will be taught from a non-denominational charismatic perspective. We will have weekly devotions and prayer time. 

Each student will be placed in an instrumental, chorus, or solo position based on their auditions partway into each semester. If students are placed in a solo position they will have either a solo or instrumental part to play outside of their primary solo piece. 

  •  All students must audition to be placed in appropriate position. 


Twinkle Violin

A gentle start to the violin for young beginners ages 6-8.


  • To familiarize the student with the violin and to establish a strong foundation for posture, left hand position and bowhold.
  • Use rhythms and games to get comfortable bowing on the open strings.
  • Progress to fingered notes and playing songs by imitation, with fingering and note name notation, and possibly with note reading if ready.

Beginning Violin

A beginning class for older violin or viola beginners ages 9 and up and/or graduates of Twinkle violin. 


  • Establish a strong foundation for posture, left hand position and bowhold.
  • Establish good intonation and bowing technique.
  • Be able to recognize and locate first position notes on the fingerboard, and learn other basic music theory. 
  • Play music together in unison and in parts.

Intro to Chamber

An early-intermediate level class for violin and viola students ages 10 and up who are graduates of Beginning Violin, or have had private lessons or previous playing experience.


  • Review and strengthen playing skills and music theory knowledge.
  • Strong emphasis on playing in tune with good position. 
  • Learn to play in new key signatures. 
  • Learn more advanced rhythms and bowings.
  • Preparation exercises for more advanced technique.
  • Help prepare the students to play in Chamber class or other solo or ensemble playing opportunities they may have.


An intermediate level class for ages 12 and up who have completed at least one year of Introduction to Chamber class, and/or have had previous experience or private lessons, AND have been determined by the teacher to be ready for this level. 


  • Proficiency in playing with good position.
  • Become comfortable playing in various keys.
  • Learn more advanced bowings and rhythms.
  • Learning and strengthening more advanced techniques such as shifting and vibrato.
  • Learning to perform together in an ensemble of at least 4 parts with accuracy, and musicality.


Cello class is designed to introduce students to the correct thecniques for playing cello in Intro to Chamber.

  • Ages 12+
  • 1 year of pervious sting experience or previous private instruction required.


Guitar is a beginning class for students to learn the basics of guitar playing.

  • Ages 12+
  • Instrument required.


Ukulele 2

Students in Ukulele 2 will learn to play chords on the ukulele so that they are able to sing and play popular music. Students will learn to follow a chord sheet with lyrics. They will learn beginning and advanced strumming techniques.

  • No previous experience required. Instrument required.
  • Ages 12+.

Ukulele 1

In Ukulele 1 students will learn how to play the Ukulele using note reading. They will learn to play melodies on their ukulele while reading notes on the page.

  • No previous experience necessary.
  • Instrument required.
  • Ages 7-12. Split into two classes depending on enrollment


Music History

Students will learn about music throughout history. the topics covered in this class vary by semester/year depending on the focus. 

  • This is an academic class that will have a classroom setting.
  • ages 8+ (based on students ability to sit and listen to the lectures)


Art Through History

Students will look at visual and performing arts throughout history. They will work on art projects that imitate the artist we are learning about as well as listen to and learn about composers that were alive at the time.

  • Can be joined throughout the year. 
  • Age depended on class availability.
  • This class is not offered every year.

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