Do you have instruments we can use?

The studio provides instruments for rent. We can help you choose an instrument at orientation, or at a previously scheduled appointment. Most rentals are $10 monthly with a $15 yearly setup fee. Cellos are $25 monthly. We have a limited supply of rentals so if this is something you are interested in please contact us to check on availability. 


What do we do while our child is in class?

We have a waiting area at the studio with many seats. Parents and siblings are welcome to wait in the studio or outside if the weather is good. We have a toy area for young kids, but ask that you have your children pick up after they are done playing to help keep the studio clean for everyone. You may leave your child at the studio if you need to run an errand, but please pick them up as soon as their lesson/class is finished.


Am I allowed to sit in my child’s lesson?

Absolutely! We encourage our students’ parents to be involved in their music education as that produces the best quality musician. Parents are always welcome to sit quietly in lessons with their children. Please talk to your child’s teacher to see how you can make your student and yourself comfortable during lessons and to provide the best learning experience. 


What is the benefit to taking lessons in person over watching youtube videos or using apps?

The benefit to in-person lessons is accountability as well as having someone who is able to see and hear what students may be doing incorrectly. In our experience it takes a lot of self awareness as well as the knowledge of what is right to learn the proper and safe techniques when learning on your own. Many students we have taught that started with videos and apps develop improper form that can lead to injuries after extended periods of time. When we learn to play our instruments we develop muscle memory every time we practice. Improper practice can lead to weeks, months, or even years or trying to retrain our bodys to play the instrument we have chosen. We are firm believers in utilizing every tool available so videos and apps are great for using alongside lessons.


What is the difference between Monday and Thursday Homeschool Classes?

Our Monday and Thursday classes are two separate programs. They follow a very similar curriculum so students won’t be missing any information that they need. There are a few class offerings that are different due to teacher and room availability. The cost of these programs are also separate. They each have their own family camp. So if you take classes on both days they are charged separately. 


What private lessons do you offer?










What do you charge?

Private lessons

$80 per month. They meet 4 times a month at a mutually agreed upon lesson time for 30 mins.

*Some teachers that travel long distances may charge more depending on their drive length. 


Homeschool Programs

$35/month per class with a $175 family cap. The family cap is for immediate family members. The Monday and Thursday programs are charged separately. 

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