Summer Camps

Day Camps

Unusual Art

Monday, July 27th 10am-3pm – $35
  • All ages
  • Bring lunch or snack

Stage Craft

Stage Craft is the art of theatre. Come join Benjamin Wagner and learn all about theatre and some of the different work that goes into putting on the show!
Tuesday, July 28th 10am-3pm – $35
  • Participants must be able to read.
  • Bring lunch or snack

Build a Tap Board

Come Build a Tap Board with us! At this day camp you will come and learn how to make and take home a tap board. A tap board is a small floor protector that you use to practice tap dance on. This camp is in preparation for our tap camps later this month. 
Thursday, July 30th, 10am-3pm – $35
  • All ages
  • Bring lunch or snack

Week Camps

Beginner Tap

Come learn to tap with Benjamin Wagner.

  • Tap board required

July 27th-31st, 4:30pm-5:15pm – $35

Intermediate Tap

  • Must have previous tap experience.
  • Tap board required

July 27th-31st, 5:30pm-6:30pm – $35

Beginning Violin

If you have ever wanted to learn to pay the violin, or just wanted to get a taste for what it would be like, come join Ms. Susan Eye in this beginner violin camp.

July 27th-31st, 7pm-7:45pm – $35


Come learn fiddling techniques with Ms. Susan Eye so you can start playing your favorite country, bluegrass, and gospel music. 

July 27th-31st, 8pm-8:45pm – $35

Past Camps

Concert Band

Concert Band Camp is for students who have a firm grasp on music reading and their instrument. Students will be challenged to learn advanced music quickly. We will work on advanced repertoire and exercises to help advance their technique.

July 20th-24th, 11:30am-1pm – $65

  • Instrument required


While most of our camps are geared towards school age children and teens this camp is not. Whether you are a graduate that wants to keep playing or an adult that wants to start playing in a group again this camp is for you.
This is our very first orchestra camp we are offering and are hoping it leads to an afternoon program throughout the year.
  • Students must be proficient at their instrument and reading music. 
  • Instrument required (except percussion).

July 20th-24th, 7pm-9pm – $65

Jazz Dance

Come join Marissa Pratt for some fun jazz dancing. We will work on jazz techniques and stretches. Participants will learn a fun, short, jazz routine. 

  • 10+ with Prior dance experience
  • Socks and leggings recommended 

July 13th-17th, 7:45pm-9pm – $65

Story Time Crafts

In Story Time Crafts Children will make crafts based on stories they read during their time at camp.

Ages 3-4: July 20th-24th, 9am-9:45 –  $35

Ages 5-6: July 20th-24th, 10am-10:45am – $35

Jazz Band

Jazz Camp is for students who have a firm grasp of note reading and their instrument. This camp will introduce students to Jazz standards and playing swing rhythms. 

July 13th-17th, 11:30am-1pm – $65

  • Instrument required

Littles Dance

Do your little’s love to dance? Bring them for some fun guided dance wit Ms. Alex. 

Ages 3-5: July 13th-17th, 4pm-4:45pm – $35

Ages 6-9: July 13th-17th, 5pm-5:45pm – $35 

Ukulele 1

Ukulele 1 is for children who cannot read without assistance. This class will introduce students to note reading and how to play the ukulele. 

July 13th-17th, 9am-9:45am – $35

  • Instrument required.

Ukulele 2

Ukulele 2 is for students who can read without assistance. In the Camp students will learn to play popular songs that are from movies and the radio. Students will play along with chord sheets and sing to their playing.

July 13th-17th, 10am-10:45am –  $35

  • Instrument required

Theatre Audition

The art of a first impression is something that must be practiced. When going into auditions there are a few important things to remember. We will talk about stage presence, conquering your nerves, choosing songs, becoming your character, and much more. Join Caiti Townley as we discuss and practice techniques to improve your auditions.

Monday, June 15th – $35

  • This can be used in preparation for the Bible Theatre Workshop, but is not required.
  • Participants must bring a refillable water bottle
  • Packed lunch required

Combat Sword

Make your own combat sword that is both durable and pliable. Will pass any cosplay requirements.

Thursday, June 18th – $35

  • Supply fee:
  • $10 for long sword
  • $5 short sword 

Build a Bird House

Using reclaimed pallet wood, students will nail, sand, and paint their own bird house. 

Wednesday, June 17th – $35

  • All ages, 10& under parents strongly advised to participate. 
  • No supply fee

Science Project

We will be working with chemical reactions; elephant glue, Volcano explosions. Each child will make their own volcano to take home.

Tuesday, June 16th – $35

  • All ages, 10 & under parents strongly advised to participate. 
  • Supply fee- $5


Come join us for a worship camp. We will have a worship group building camp. Students will work together to learn worship and praise music on their chosen instrument or singing. 

June 22nd-26th, 4:30pm-6pm – $65

  • Students must be able to play their instrument proficiently or they will sing.
  • bring a water bottle to class.

Bible Theatre

This one-week intense program is designed to give children a taste of what theatre is all about. We will use scenes from bible stories and theatre games to become more comfortable performing and practice memorization and blocking.  These 10 minute scenes will be performed at the end of the program for parents and family to watch and the children to show what they have learned. Auditions will be held the first day of the program, no children will be turned away this is only part of the process in placing children in roles. Audition sides will be posted for the children to practice prior to auditions.

June 22nd-26th 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm – $65

  • If children are nervous about auditions they are welcome to join us for our one day Audition Workshop June 15th.
  • Participants must bring a refillable water bottle
  • Packed lunch required


This class is for ages 8-18 and is a beginner intro to choral arrangements, part singing, basic vocal techniques, and the fundamentals of singing. As we work on 2 classic choral works, you will get to experience what it is like to sing and work as a team to creating music with your unique instrument for an intense 5-day workshop. So, bring your water bottle and full breaths and let’s get to work!

June 29th-July 3rd, 11:30am-1pm – $65

Guitar 1

Guitar 1 is a beginning guitar class and is designed to introduce note reading and basic guitar playing. Students will work on playing simple songs while they learn the skills needed to play the guitar. 

June 29th-July 3rd, 2pm-2:45 – $35

  • Instrument required.

Guitar 2

Guitar 2 is an intermediate Guitar class for students who have some experience playing guitar and note reading. Students will learn to play popular songs from movies or the radio. They will learn strumming patterns and chords. 

June 29th-July 3rd, 3pm-3:45 – $35

  • Instrument required.

Intro to Music

Intro to Music Is for children 3-8 years old. In this camp children will be introduced to making music, developing rhythm, and moving to music. 

10am-10:45am, July 6th-10th – $35

  • Parents are encouraged to participate with their young children. 

Beginning Band

Beginning band Camp is designed to introduce students with little to no musical experience to band. Students will learn basic music reading as well as be introduced to playing the instrument of their choice. 

11:30am-12:15pm, July 6th-10th – $35

  • Instrument required

Intermediate Band

Intermediate band camp is for students who have experience reading 8th notes to 16th notes. This camp is designed to help students develop a better sound on their instrument as well as challenge their reading skills in preparation for the school year. 

12:45pm-1:30pm, July 6th-10th – $35

  • Instrument required


Students will be introduced to the fun of STOMP. They will learn rhythm while beating on trash cans and buckets, and other household items. 

July 6th-10th, 7pm-8:30pm – $65

  • Age requirement: 12+ Participants must have the ability to sit and pay attention without issue.

Beginner Crochet

What we will learn-

  • Start and Finish a project
  • The 4 basic stitches
  • And a few small projects and the end of the week to take home.

What you need to know-

  • This class is for people who know nothing to people who know a few (not all) of 4 basic stitches (chain, single, double, and triple) 

Participants must bring- 

  • Crochet hook  (the best size for beginners is H/8 or (5mm) ) 
  • Cotton yarn 
  • Regular yarn (red heart)

July 6th-10th, 2pm-3:30 – $65

Advanced Crochet

What will you learn-

  • To read/follow a pattern
  • To work in rounds
  • To make a small hand size stuffed animal and other small projects.

What you need to know- 

  • You will need to know the 4 basic stitches
  • (Chain, single, double, and triple)  

Participants must bring– 

  • 5mm / H/8 Crochet hook 
  • 2 Standard size skeins of stander weight Acrylic yarn in your 2 favorite colors

July 6th-10th, 5pm-6:30pm – $65

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