Summer Camps

Day Camps

Unusual Art

Date TBA – $35
  • All ages
  • Bring lunch or snack

Worship Leading

Date TBA – $35
  • All ages
  • Bring lunch or snack


Date TBA – $35
  • All ages
  • Bring lunch or snack

Week Camps

Intro to Strings

Date: TBA – $35


Come learn fiddling techniques with Ms. Susan Eye so you can start playing your favorite country, bluegrass, and gospel music. 

Date: TBA – $35



Date: TBA – $35


While most of our camps are geared towards school age children and teens this camp is not. Whether you are a graduate that wants to keep playing or an adult that wants to start playing in a group again this camp is for you.
This is our very first orchestra camp we are offering and are hoping it leads to an afternoon program throughout the year.
  • Students must be proficient at their instrument and reading music. 
  • Instrument required (except percussion).

Date: TBA – $65


Cello camp will introduce the instrument to students. They will work on basic note reading and technical exercises.

Date: TBA – $35

  • Students must be 12+ years
  • Previous string experience preferred
  • Instrument required

Ukulele 1

Ukulele 1 is for children who cannot read English without assistance. This class will introduce students to note reading and how to play the ukulele. 

Date: TBA – $35

  • Instrument required.

Ukulele 2

Ukulele 2 is for students who can read English without assistance. In the Camp students will learn to play popular songs that are from movies and the radio. Students will play along with chord sheets and sing to their playing.

Date: TBA – $35

  • Instrument required

Guitar 1

Guitar 1 is a beginning guitar class and is designed to introduce note reading and basic guitar playing. Students will work on playing simple songs while they learn the skills needed to play the guitar. 

Date: TBA – $35

  • Instrument required.

Guitar 2

Guitar 2 is an intermediate Guitar class for students who have some experience playing guitar and note reading. Students will learn to play popular songs from movies or the radio. They will learn strumming patterns and chords. 

Date: TBA – $35

  • Instrument required.

Filmtastic; The Art of Storytelling through Film

A week long workshop that will focus on creating a short film from concept to
completed project, while focusing on the storytelling aspect. It’s as easy as having one great idea, a creative mind, and a cell phone. We will use hands-on experience to create a short film as a group which will give them the skills to create their own short which will be presented in a
short film festival at the end of the workshop.

Date: TBA – $65

Bible Theatre

This one-week intense program is designed to give children a taste of what theatre is all about. We will use scenes from bible stories and theatre games to become more comfortable performing and practice memorization and blocking.  These 10 minute scenes will be performed at the end of the program for parents and family to watch and the children to show what they have learned. Auditions will be held the first day of the program, no children will be turned away this is only part of the process in placing children in roles. Audition sides will be posted for the children to practice prior to auditions.

Date: TBA – $65

  • If children are nervous about auditions they are welcome to join us for our one day Audition Workshop June 15th.
  • Participants must bring a refillable water bottle
  • Packed lunch required

Intro to Music

Intro to Music Is for children 3-8 years old. In this camp children will be introduced to making music, developing rhythm, and moving to music. 

Date: TBA – $35

  • Parents are encouraged to participate with their young children. 

Intro to Band

Intro band Camp is designed to introduce students with little to no musical experience to the band instruments. Students will learn basic music reading as well as play the Saxophone, flute, trumpet, trombone, and clarinet.

Date: TBA – $35



Date: TBA – $35

Band Prep

Band Prep is a week long camp designed to prepare students with a previous playing experience for next years band. They will work on skill building exercises and sight reading ability. 

Date: TBA – $35

  • Instrument required
  • Students from beginning to concert can join in this camp

Beginning Choir

A workshop for those who have never sung with a group before. We will learn: fundamentals of solfege, learning music in a group setting, and how to sing correctly. 

Date: TBA – $65

  • Ages 6-12

Intermediate Choir

A workshop for those wanting to sing in parts. We will learn how to apply solfege to learning music, putting parts and harmonies together, as well as the basics of singing correctly.

Date: TBA – $65

  • Ages 12-18

Advanced Choir

A workshop for those who can read music, sing in parts, and want to sing more challenging music. We will apply all of your knowledge of sight-singing and learn how to sing Broadway and jazz choir in a fast-paced environment. We will also touch a bit on performance.

Date: TBA – $65

  • Teens and Adults

A Capella

A workshop for those who can read music, sing in parts, and enjoy the sound of a capella groups. We will learn how to sing without instruments, dynamics, putting parts together, and performance. 

Date: TBA – $65

  • Teens and Adults

Journal Making

Ages 10 and up, under ten requires a parent

Mask will be required inside and close quarters with instructor

Instead of trashing your old textbooks or encyclopedias, come join us and find out how to upscale your old book into a fun and magical journal.

  • First day – we will prepare the book covers for painting, followed by sealing them. Will discuss how to create the various layouts and the materials/supplies you may need for the rest of the week. 
  • Second day – decorate front and back inside covers  
  • Third day – learn how to plan and construct your first  layout.
  • Fourth and fifth day – create other layouts.

Supplies students need to bring:  

  • A large lid from a Xerox paper box or a cookie sheet (need first day and everyday)
  • Following items will be required starting on the second session
  • scissors 
  • rulers 
  • glue (sticks, elmers, tacky, and rubber cement)
  • newspaper
  • **Paper, yarn, string, buttons, jewels, etc. (see pictures for ideas, will discuss in detail on first day)

Teacher will supply the following

  • old books
  • sandpaper
  • paints
  • brushes 
  • sealer
  • rags
  • hot glue gun
  • hair dryer
  • **teacher will have some items for use

Date: TBA – $65

Summer Weaving

Ages 8 and up, under 8 requires parent (strongly not recommended for under 8 because of the fine motor skills that are required)

Masks will be required inside and close quarters with instructor 

Supply Fee – $4 per kit (students may order up to 2 kits each) for Lesson 5

Pre Registration required – especially for Day 5 supplies need to be ordered

Lesson 1 – Cardboard Weaving:    learn the vocabulary of weaving, in addition to making and using a cardboard loom. (Supply list – scissors, 12 inch ruler, teacher has limited supply of yarn for use, but if you want a certain color yarn, recommend bringing your own.)

Lesson 2 – Straw Weaving – yes drinking straws:  Final project could be a bracelet, necklace or bookmark.  Your choice.  There should be enough time to make at least two completed projects.  (Supply list – scissors, tape measure or ruler, teacher has straws and limited supply of yarn for use, but if you want a certain color yarn, recommend bringing your own and maybe a straw or two would not hurt.)

Lesson 3 – “Y” Shape Weaving:  using a “Y” shaped tree branch you will make a beautiful wall hanging or sculpture.  (Supply list – scissors, tape measure or ruler,  teacher has limited supply of yarn, ribbons and other items for weaving for use, but if you want a certain color yarn, ribbon or other items recommend bringing your own.)

Lesson 4 – using four tree branches you will have a beautiful wall hanging. Learn how to assemble your loom, which will be part of your completed project.  (Supply list – scissors, tape measure or ruler,  teacher has limited supply of yarn, ribbons and other items for weaving for use, but if you want a certain color yarn, ribbon or other items recommend bringing your own.)

Lesson 5 – we will actually be weaving a basket from a kit.  (this lesson is limited to 12 students) 

Date: TBA – $65

Zentangle Art

If you can draw the letter i, c, s, and o then you can create amazing
art by drawing patterns called ‘tangles’ combined into intricate designs
called ‘Zentangles’. The Zentangle Method ( is an art
form of structured patterns drawn in ink on paper and shaded with
pencil. It’s easy, fun, and relaxing to do for both children and adults.

Paper, pen, pencil, and shading stick (tortillion) are all you need to
enjoy creating Zentangle art.
And besides creating beautiful art in an easy, relaxed manner without a
long learning curve, Zentangle artists experience my personal benefits.
Some common ones are: confidence, empowerment, focus, inspiration,
relaxation, and increased awareness.

During the week, we will learn the 8 basic steps of the Zentangle Method
and create one Zentangle picture each day. Over the course of the week,
12 different patterns will be introduced which can be used to create
countless Zentangles in the future!

Supply fee of $5.00 covers all necessary supplies for the class.

Date TBA: $65

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