Who we are

About Us

Here at Watson School of Music we strive to build students up, not only as musicians, but all so as people. 

What we do

We have lessons to suit anyone.

Whether the student is 8 or 80 we have something for everyone. We have both private and group programs throughout the week. 

Our home school program is designed to help students grow as musicians as well as learn to work together as a group. Our private teachers work with students to help them learn at their own pace.


Concert Band Fall 2019
Elementary Choir Fall 2019

Home School

Our Home School program works to bring students together in an environment that builds them up.

Professional Teachers

Our teachers meet students where they are to build them up to the next level. 

Private Studio

We offer private lessons in the afternoon to anyone looking to advance their musical ability. 


Alex Watson

Band, ukulele, cello

Micah Watson

Stomp, Piano, Percussion

Susan Eye


Caiti Townley

Violin, Choir

Join us for some musical fun.

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